I can hardly believe the last week of October has rolled around. I’m sure by now you’ve all heard Adele’s new song, but the day before she released it she posted this big long tweet about how she wished she lived more in the moment when she was younger and I have to say I struggle with the same problem. All Summer long I was wishing for Fall and the build up to Halloween and now that I’m smack in the middle of it, I’m counting down the days until my trip home for Christmas. Sometimes New York life can get quite hectic and I’m so focused on getting through the working week that I miss some of the wonderful things going on around me but its definitely something to work on!

Speaking of home and the change of seasons, it’s recently started to get super chilly here in New York and a Winter shopping spree was long over due. If you’ve followed Life of a Lady Bear for some time now, you’ll know how fond I am of warm wooly sweaters and capes which is why I raided the Tríona Designwebsite for some key winter pieces. Tríona Design is a family run business in Co. Donegal that’s known for its exquisite use of authentic Irish Tweed. I’ve literally been living in this oversized tweed cape since I got it.





Cape: Triona Design, Leather Pants: Zara, Shoes: Zara
What I love the most is that they incorporate traditional Irish symbols that signify Ireland into their designs, like the sweater I wore in my last outfit post. While I do love the abundance of high street stores here in NYC, there’s something very special about owning pieces that are made at home in Ireland and I’m obsessed with the fact that the wools used in Triona Design’s products are from the local sheep and dyed into color’s inspired by Donegal’s landscape!

If you’re on the hunt for some nice wool sweaters or tweed coats you can visit www.trionadesign.com or pop into their store “Irish House” in Donegal Town.

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