When I was a kid I always wished that there was Pumpkin Picking in Ireland, I remember hearing my American cousins talk about how fun it was and being insanely jealous that I never had the chance to try it. Hence why it was at the top of my “New York Bucket List” this year, along with ice skating in Central Park (only a few more weeks to go). So last weekend some of you might have seen on my Snapchat (michaelabear1) or my Instagram, that Cathal and I went on a little adventure upstate for a day of Autumn Festivities. Its hard to find a pumpkin farm thats accessible from the city if you dont have a car but luckily we came across one called Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard that truly didnt dissapoint. We got the train up from Manhattan to a quaint little town called Purdy’s and then walked an hour through the country side to find the farm. I know an hour might seem like a long time but honestly it was so refreshing to be out in the open space and soak up all of the pretty foliage on the trees!

When we got there, it was so much more than I expected! It wasnt just a field filled with beautiful pumpkins, there was tonnes of different food options and apple picking and hay rides! I swear it honestly was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done, especially if you like all things pumpkin like me! There was such a selection of food but in the end we decided on getting a turkey dinner followed by cinnamon donuts and apple cider for dessert which we ate while sitting on a bale of hay. As you do!







The only downside was that I could only get a few little pumpkins to take home because of the whole transportation issue, but next year I’ll know to rent a big truck!
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