As some of you may know from my Snapchat (Michaelabear1), last week was a tough one here in New York. As thankful as I am to live in this amazing city, sometimes the pace and lifestyle can catch up to you. My friends and I say its the place where the good days are the best and the bad days are the worst, and it’s not uncommon to break down in tears on the subway! Last week was definitely one of those weeks where exhaustion and even a little homesickness caught up on me. Luckily this weekend was just what I needed to fall back in love with being here! A payday stroll along 5th Ave, a walk to admire the leaves in Central Park and trying out new restaurants with friends reminded me that I’m definitely where I’m meant to be..for the moment at least!


This outfit from H&M is definitely one of my funner looks! The mermaid skirt caught my eye straight away and I thought it would be fun to wear over the upcoming holidays. I went for a more casual look with a cropped sweater, but I have a feeling it would look great dressed up for a New Years Ball.


Sweater / Skirt: HM, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Topshop
It’s only 6 short weeks until I fly home to Ireland for Christmas vacation and quite frankly I’m so excited for fun nights out with my family and friends and some downtime with my dogs!

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