The countdown is on until I go home for Christmas next week so its been a busy few days getting the last minute presents for my family and making the most of the Christmas Spirit in NYC. Last weekend my sweet friend Lisa, invited me and the girls over to her beautiful home in Hoboken for a festive brunch and I have to say it really made me appreciate the wonderful strong women I’ve become great friends with here in New York!

Through my friend Erika, I literally have made the nicest group of friends over here, without whom I would be totally lost. Honestly we vent about our daily struggles in a group message everyday but are  also each others biggest cheerleaders. Erika, Niamh, Lorna and Ciara are some of the most driven women I know and they constantly inspire me and more importantly make me laugh on a daily basis! I really think when you move away from home you become so much closer to your friends, and even though I’ve only known the girls a few months now, I feel that they’ll be around for the long haul!




Sweater: Banana Republic, Skirt: H&M, Boots: Zara. Bag: Kate Spade
Have a great week everyone! Nearly there!
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