After a lovely few days of eating everything around me over Thanksgiving, I began my 6 Week Fitness Program at The PE Club. I’ve always been quite an active person and if you follow me on Snapchat (Michaelabear1), you’ll know that I’ve fallen in love with Pilates Reformer since moving to New York. As much as I love taking the pilates classes, I really wanted to try and build up some strength and endurance as I’m quite a weakling and having any ounce of extra energy in such a fast paced city is a huge advantage. Luckily two of my best girlfriends Erika and Niamh thought the same thing and I’m so grateful they’re on this journey with me!

The PE Club is without a doubt the most beautiful gym I’ve been to (It’s quite literally like something out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue). One thing that has put me off gyms in the past, is that feeling of intimidation in the weight room surrounded by the pros. Luckily The PE Club is just the opposite, every trainer is so knowledgeable and insanely friendly that you instantly feel at ease with them. One of the reasons I was so excited to join The PE Club is the large variety of classes and training sessions they have to offer. The lovely owners Nedra and Alex created a personalised program for me based on my goals. For the first half of my program I’l be taking a Total Body Class, which is a circuit style class working the entire body using TRX body weight movements and some Kettlebells. I’ll also be taking a TRX Kettlebell class which supposedly takes you to the next level of fitness through 4 rounds of intense circuits. On top of this I’ll have a weekly personal training session with my wonderful trainer Allie. I have to say its so wonderful having someone to push you to give your all during a workout and motivate you to reach your goals!



I’ll be taking two weeks off from my training while I’m back in Ireland but will be doing at home workouts to stay on track before coming back for the last half of my program. I have to say I’m really excited for the next few weeks to see how it goes and I’ll be sharing a progress post along with one at the end with all of the tips I’ve picked up!
Have a great weekend everyone!
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