Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely end to 2015! Thankfully after a nice two weeks at home, I feel really refreshed and motivated going into the next year! I’m not a big fan of “Resolutions” but every January I try to establish a few goals for myself whether it’s things to achieve or new skills I want to learn as well as nice things I want to do for myself because lets face it, you have to be good to yourself! I thought it would be a nice list to share with all of you in hopes of maybe sparking an idea or two that you might like to try yourself!

The List
Take a helicopter ride around NYC
Save up for a Celine or Chanel Bag
Host a Blogger Brunch in the Spring
Take a flower arranging class
Take a calligraphy class
Go to Coachella OR take a vacation in the sun
Keep a 2016 memory book filled with polaroids
Take Boxing classes
Take a Ballet Beautiful Class
Learn how to Ski
Start a NYC Video Series on Life of a Lady Bear
Finish decorating my apartment
Create a gallery wall in my apartment
Do the groundwork on starting my own business
Unplug (no phone or laptop) for one whole weekend
Visit a city I’ve never been before
Visit a spa for a day
Go to the top of the Freedom Tower
Reach 20K on Instagram
Shoot an outfit post on The Brooklyn Bridge
Start Taking vitamins every day
Send my Mom flowers for no reason
Trade in my camera for an upgrade
Take a photography workshop
Take a horse carriage ride in Central Park in the snow
Cut out sugar for one whole week
Buy myself fresh flowers once a month
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Organise my iPhoto Gallery
Make more of an effort to cook
Live more in the moment
I would love to hear what you guys hope to achieve over the next year and maybe you can inspire me to do something I didnt think of!
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