Yesterday I was walking through Soho on my way to a meeting and I randomly bumped into Kelly Cutrone (remember Kelly from The City and America’s Next Top Models?). For such a simple occurrence, it was one of those quintessential New York moments where I was reminded that I live in the most amazing city in the world. A city filled with these amazingly talented and ambitious people who move here to become the best version of themselves, get the best jobs, meet the best people, and live the life they always dreamed of.

One of the many things that New York has taught me, is that these type of people aren’t just ordinary Joe’s or plain Jane’s. No, the majority people who live in this city or move here are already extraordinary in the sense that they will not settle for the ordinary and are always trying to better themselves and reach the highest level of success! The main lesson to be learned from living in such a competitive place is that you have to “Bite or be Bitten”. The truth is nice girls don’t get to the top, at least in New York! You have to find your voice and fire and pursue what you want with passion and intelligence! You have to get off your ass and seek out as many opportunities as you can. One thing for sure is nothing will ever be handed to you in this city but nothing worth having comes easy which is why “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere!”
Shoot 1 - Edited -3
Shoot 1 - Edited -7
Shoot 1 - Edited -10
Shoot 1 - Edited -18
Sweater/Skirt/Boots: Zara

How was that for a little mid-week motivation! :)

Photography: Edelle Kenny

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