I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favourite closet staples is a Little Black Dress. Though the perfect LBD can be hard to find, I really think that the right one can be worn in so many different ways from casual workwear with a sweater and tights to an evening Valentines dinner with classic heels. When I found this one by Aqua in Bloomingdales, I thought it was the perfect fun occasion dress and it reminded me of one of my favourite brands Self Portrait (but for a fraction of the price!).

  Valentines Day really is a tricky one isn’t it, single people can feel like they’re missing out while people in relationships often feel the pressure to do something extravagantly romantic! Cathal and I will be spending our 7th Valentines Day together (sweet jesus that seems like a long time!), so we’ve had our fair share of Valentines gifts! Personally nothing makes me happier than going out for a low key dinner and some pretty roses but my favourite Valentines gift idea is a Love Jar! This sounds corny, I know, but one year I wrote on little pieces of paper, as many funny or happy memories that I have from my time with Cathal. I managed to fill the jar with these little pieces of paper and we spent hours  reading them together looking back on good times! The best thing is even if you’re single, you could still do this for your best friend and read them over some takeout while watching the notebook!

Shoot 2 - Edited -5
Shoot 2 - Edited -6
Shoot 2 - Edited -11
Shoot 2 - Edited -18
Shoot 2 - Edited -21
Shoot 2 - Edited -23
Dress: Aqua in Bloomingdales, Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Prada
Keep an eye out later this week for a DIY Valentines idea for your girlfriends!
Photography by Edelle Kenny
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