Any of you who have followed Life of a Lady Bear for a while now, will know that one of my all time favourite brands is Kate Spade! Everything from their aesthetic, their products, their advertising and even their packaging brings a huge smile to my face! So I was beyond excited to visit their new homeware pop up shop in Soho which opened last weekend!

Walking through the store is an experience in itself, one which made me wish I lived in a huge house with plenty of space to decorate! From bold prints and colourful gallery walls this place will give you seriously decor inspiration! The pop up is actually laid out like a house with a welcome area, a dining room, a kitchen and even a bedroom, each of which is adorned with products that are beyond insta-worthy. I literally took pictures of every inch so hopefully you guys will feel like you got an ounce of the Kate Spade Home experience too!



Kate Spade Pop Up


Kate Spade Home




Kate Spade Bedding


Kate Spade Soho


Kate Spade Dining









Don’t you literally want everything? Any product you saw can be purchased on their website incase you’re not lucky enough to get to the pop up visit yourself!
Kate Spade Home Pop Up at 411 West Broadway, Soho.
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