Happy Monday Everyone! I’m back in the city after a surprise weekend away in Newport, Rhode Island. It’s such a beautiful little spot and I cant wait to share it with you guys on the blog later this week! Even though April really creeped up on me, I’m glad that we are getting further into Spring here in New York. While spring at home in Ireland reminds me of daffodils and baby lambs it’s a little different here. Firstly are the beautiful cherry blossoms that have bloomed all over the city, secondly is that Central Park is out of  hibernation thanks to the swarms of tourists and the fact that the row boats are out on the lake again! That said my all time favourite sign of Spring is how all of my favourite flowers are now in season! I know it’s such a cliche, but treating myself to a bouquet of pretty roses now and again really brightens my day makes my apartment feel even more like home!

This striped sundress from And Other Stories (which is a bargain by the way!) will be the perfect outfit once the Summer heat sets in and wearing pants becomes quite frankly not an option. Edelle and I shot these photo’s at my local florist at the corner of Park Ave and 81st, and I’m hoping that the pretty flowers take the attention off how insanely pale I am! You know its a funny thing, many Irish girls are blessed or cursed (whichever way they want to look at it!) with pale skin and it really can be a love hate relationship! I remember when I was younger on nights out, my friends and I used to be all about the Sally Hansen and when I look back on those photo’s now it makes me giggle so much, I literally look like an oompa loompa! It wasn’t until my sister got married that I learned that fake tan isn’t for me. My god you guys are going to laugh so hard at this! So my sister and I went to the beauticians to get a spray tan and my sister went before me! She came out of the booth looking nice and golden but not too brown, she said the went for a number 1, the lightest shade! So my turn comes around and I’m thinking gosh Alanna looks pretty light, maybe I should go for a number 3 (the darkest shade). Long story short I woke up on the morning of the wedding looking like a chocolate labrador and nearly died with embarrassment! (I just tweeted the evidence here). Prepare to laugh because its hilarious! Moral of the story is that I now embrace my paleness for the sake of avoiding another tanning disaster.

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