GOOD LORD ANOTHER MONDAY IS UPON US! I swear to god, time needs to slow the eff down! Yesterday was such a beautiful day here that Summer is officially on my mind. Dreading the wicked heat yet excitedly planning weekend trips for Memorial day and Labor day all has me stressed out about my lack of a summer wardrobe (first world problems, I know!). I’m slowly starting to add a couple of Summer staples to my wardrobe but the biggest challenge is finding cute pieces that are suitable for work and after work activities! J Crew is a store that really does cater to both! When I saw this ruffled sleeved t-shirt, I adored how fun it was while still being classy and sticking to my beloved monochrome theme! I’m going to be sharing a post with my other Summer Staples for every budget next week so keep an eye out for that!

As the weeks count down to the end of my first year in NYC, I really find myself reflecting on the past 12 months and what I’ve learned. I’ll be writing a more detailed post on this topic at the end of the month, but one lesson I’ve learned while being here is that “You can’t control your wind, but you can control your sails”. Ever since I was about 18, I can remember having this philosophy of thinking that if you’re a good person, you work your ass off and you treat people with kindness then things will go your way. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, moving to The Big Apple has certainly made me realise how naive I was to ever think that way. Nothing has come easy to me since moving to this city but in a way, I’m thankful for it! Every single challenge from the nightmare of finding an apartment to live in, the dream job opportunities that I missed out on, the difficulty of finding true friends in a city where I knew nobody, it’s all made me into a stronger person than I was when I first arrived! And obviously these issues are so small compared to what many others endure in this world, but at the same time they’ve taught me that I can’t control everything, but what I can control is how I respond to these challenges and tell myself that everything happens for a reason! And like my Papa Bear says “Challenges build Character”, so guys remember to tell yourself that every time you get a letter of rejection, have to deal with a mean person or heck even if you smash the screen of your iPhone! I promise it takes the sting out of the burn!

J Crew Spring Stripes

American Apparel Riding Pants

New York Bloggers J Crew

MICHAELA edited-21

MICHAELA edited-28

Photography: Edelle Kenny

I have a jam packed week ahead starting tonight with a celebration dinner with one of my favourite skincare brands Kiehls, so follow along on snapchat (Michaelabear1) for plenty of fun snaps! Have a great week!

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