Hi Everyone! Today’s outfit post is a little dressier than my regular outfits! Usually when an event like a graduation or a wedding pops up, I’m that girl who stresses out big time trying to find the perfect dress to wear. I remember in college each year there would be one or two balls that would happen and finding a dress would be the main topic of conversation with me and my girlfriends for the few weeks leading up! It’s always hard to find that one dress that makes you feel special, works for your body type and stands out in the crowd. Luckily there’s so much choice online nowadays thanks to sites like ASOS (where would we be without them!), but I’ve recently found a brand here in the states that sells beautiful occasion dresses for a really affordable price. Some of my favourite AQUA  dresses are very similar to those amazing Self Portrait dresses that I always drool over! Just like this one I’m wearing, it’s got that fab fit and flare look with gorgeous lace and nude underpanelling making it super classy but a little bit sassy at the same time

On the topic of special occasions and feeling good about yourself, I’m reminded very much about how I would always start working out extra and eating even healthier in the lead up to these fun nights out. I would put so much pressure on myself to work hard so that I would feel good and when the time came around, even though I was all done up, I never one hundred percent felt “amazing” in my own skin! I think a lot of us young women in todays society are quite hard on ourselves when it comes to body image and how we look. For example whenever I shoot with my amazing photographer Edelle, she’ll send me the pictures and on first glance, I will nearly always spot out a personal flaw! Whether it’s that my hips look a little big, my cheeks look a little extra cheeky or that my posture is bad, I’ll always notice the flaw first before admiring the picture as a whole! And when I go to the beach in the summertime, I’ll nearly always walk backwards into the water so that nobody catches a glimpse of my arse! Isn’t that crazy? From talking to other women, It really seems to me that it doesn’t matter what size you are, many women never feel 100% happy with their body. Even when I used to model back home in Ireland, the beautiful girls that I worked with all had their own insecurities despite the fact that they were quite literally supermodels! But at the end of the day I try to tell myself its all about balance and as long as we’re all happy and healthy, having a few wobbly areas is not the end of the world!

Fashion Life of a Lady Bear

Self Portrait Dupe

Dresses for Graduation or weddings

Look 1-15

Aqua Bloomingdales

Photography: Edelle Kenny

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