Hi Everyone! I’m back in the New York Groove after spending a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend in Cape Cod! I’m very lucky in that I have family living up there so it’s such a nice treat to go visit them and escape New York for a few days. Summer weather has most definitely arrived so we spent Saturday at the beach which was especially relaxing. I tried my best to take a little vacation from the internet and from being on my phone so much because I have quite the big week ahead of me!

Today is an extra special Tuesday as I’m starting a new job at TEEN VOGUE this morning! I’m so beyond excited and thrilled to be working for a brand that I’ve genuinely admired since I was in secondary school! The position is similar to what I did at MTV, working on their social team and focusing solely on the visual platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Live which I’m delighted about! I’m especially looking forward to working for Teen Vogue and getting more involved in the fashion industry as it’s something that I’ve always been passionate about! Honestly I found out the great news about two weeks ago and it still hasn’t set in, never in my life when I was studying for my final exams last year in Galway did I think I would be working at Teen Vogue (I mean does this make me cool like Lauren Conrad in The Hills lol!)

And the wonderful thing about it is that this little blog of mine as been such a huge help in getting me where I am today. In my interview with Amy Astley (TV’s Editor in Chief) she mentioned that she loved my blog and my instagram which meant the absolute world to me! I mentioned it in a previous post, that my entire intention when starting Life of a Lady Bear was to use it as a platform to teach myself about digital marketing and social media in hopes that it would help me transition from a career in Biomedical Science to Business and thankfully it’s done just that! New York has taught me many things but most importantly it’s taught me that your dreams are never too big and anything is possible!

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It’s certainly going to be a big week with lots of changes and meeting new people which is of course nerve-wrecking but super exciting at the same time! Here’s to another exciting chapter! (If you’re quick and check out my snapchat (Michaelabear1) before tonight you’ll hear all about how I got the job!)

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