Hi Guys! I hope your week is going well! I am absolutely stunned that it’s May already. It’s crazy to me that Summer is already just around the corner and that it’s nearly one year since I moved to New York! ¬†Last month I started trying something new where I set goals for myself to achieve each month, whether it’s fitness, career or blogging goals and I found it so great to keep myself accountable! One of my main goals for the month of May is to try something new each ¬†week. I’ve been dying to take some classes in calligraphy, flower arranging and photography just for fun so I’m definitely going to try them over the next few weeks!

Last night some of you guys might have seen on snapchat (Michaelabear1) that I was stalking The Met Gala red carpet from across the street. Ever since Cathal and I moved into our apartment on The Upper East Side, I’ve been looking forward to walking to The Met and watching the celebs walk up the steps in the worlds most beautiful dresses! Honestly I think it was one of the funnest things I’ve done in NYC so far! I luckily nabbed myself a great spot and saw all of my favourite celebs from Alexa Chung to Kim and Kanye. I have to say the most exciting moment of the night was when Beyonce pulled up, it was unreal to watch them clear the entire carpet of every single person so that she could have her moment! Another funny thing that happened was when Zayn and Gigi arrived they walked the carpet together, but then Zayn came right back down and left in a waiting car! So he clearly just came for the carpet part which was funny to see! Most certainly was one of those “Only in NYC” nights!

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Photography: Edelle Kenny

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