Happy Hump Day guys! The weeks are going by so quickly but I think that’s a sign that I’m feeling very content.  Lately I definitely feel like things have fallen into place again, after feeling somewhat disjointed for a couple of months. I’m always one who tries to be so positive and never complain here on my blog or on social media but without getting too deep into it, I really found the start of this year kind of difficult. After spending Christmas in Ireland and coming back to the harsh winter in New York, my struggles with homesickness were real! It was also a time where I was starting to look for a new job which is never fun and I found myself not feeling my usual happy self. I felt hugely uninspired and would cry at the drop of a hat for absolutely no reason. To make things worse, besides having Cathal around (who is quite literally my knight in shining armour),  I really felt like I had no genuine support system here in the city so it was kind of a lonely time. Remember back in March when I went home? I literally booked that trip on two days notice after reaching a breaking point. I really felt so mentally exhausted and weak that going home for a while and seeing my family was the only thing that would make me feel better. Truth be told, I wasn’t 100% sure that I would even come back to NYC. However, after a couple of days a what I’m calling a “mental health” break, I started to gain a little perspective and built up the confidence to come back and give New York everything I had to give!

When I came back to New York, I really made an effort to introduce some changes into my life. I worked hard to find a new job and made an effort to get to know some new people and try new things here in the city. Within a few short weeks, I landed my actual dream job at Teen Vogue, and while it definitely took a while to settle in, I can honestly say that I now start and end my day with a smile on my face and for that I’m beyond thankful! I was sincerely debating whether to discuss this at all, because I know that this little rough patch of mine was nothing compared to so many struggles endured by people in the world today, but I guess the reason I’m opening up a little about it is because inevitably we will all go through testing times in life, but what I learned is that sometimes you need to go through those times in order to appreciate the light that’s at the end of the tunnel! What’s even more important is to reflect on those testing times and try and learn from them.  I learned that if something isn’t making you happy then you need to make a change, because life is too short for circumstantial unhappiness. Those rough times will also show you who your true friends are, which is a gift that money can’t buy. You know what the funny thing is, that since going through those few weeks of feeling not so wonderful, I now feel this overwhelming urge to treat everyone with a kinder heart. You never ever know what somebody else is going through, so if you can do something to make someone smile today, then do it.

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