Happy Monday Everyone! I know at home it’s a bank holiday again which I’m so jealous of, so if you’re reading this from Ireland I hope you’re enjoying the day off. A couple of weeks ago I talked about how recently I’ve been feeling super run down and lacking in energy. Since then I’ve started trying a couple of things to make me feel a little better and I’m happy to say that they seem to be working and I wanted to share them with you incase some of you might be feeling similar!

Fresh Air: As simple as this one might sound, making an effort to get an hour of fresh air every day has made a huge difference. I’ve started walking part of the way to work every morning and then I hop off the subway a few stops before mine so I can get some more time outside on my way home! I think when you work in an office environment, it’s especially important to step outside every couple of hours even if it’s just for 5 minutes!

Vitamins: If you guys follow me on snapchat (Michaelabear1), you’ll have seen that a couple of weeks ago I went on a Vitamin shopping spree (lol, yes I’m 80 years old!) A couple of people at work told me about this brand of Vitamins called Olly, who’s vitamins come in yummy jelly form! I previously started taking some Vitamins last Christmas but to be honest, I gave up after a week because they were too big to swallow. These Olly ones taste just like gummy bears and they come in so many varieties from Omega 3 to probiotics to multivitamins and they even sell special ones for your skin, stress and sleep!

A Regular Sleeping Pattern: I’ve found that going to bed and getting up at a consistent time really helps me fight the tiredness that I’m somehow prone to. I used my Up Band to help me figure out my average bed time and use its alarm to wake me up at 6.40 every morning. I’m trying to stick to this on the weekends aswell and I think it’s working because my body now knows exactly when to wake up without an alarm!

Cut Back Your Sugar Intake (a little): I’ll be the first one to admit that sugar is my best friend. When I start to feel a little tired or run down, getting a quick sugar fix was always my way to get a surge in energy, only to feel ten times more tired an hour later. Now when I feel like doing that, I eat a banana and because of it’s natural sugar it has a similar effect except it’s released a lot slower over a longer period of time! A real simple change but one that I’ve found to be a great help.

Drink More Water and Eat More Protein: I used to be hit and miss on the water train but over the past few weeks I’ve been making sure to drink at least two big bottles over the day at work. It definitely seems to help and has also helped clear up my skin quite a bit. Similar to that I’ve been trying to incorporate a little more protein into my diet and prepping my food on a Sunday night has been key. I have no excuse after work to say I don’t feel like cooking and opt for some soup, instead my Chicken and Broccoli Quinoa Bowl is already at home waiting for me, yes that is the one dish that I can cook!

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