Hi Guys! Happy Thursday! I’m so excited to share todays post with you all! If you’re one of the very sweet people who follows me on snapchat (Michaelabear1), you’ll know that I have a “Currently” series where I share my favorite books, movies, shows and general things that I’m loving at that moment! I always get such kind feedback from the people who watch, but the one thing people always say they love is the books I recommend. Everytime I share a picture of a book, it gets literally hundreds of screenshots! Since moving to NYC, I’ve made a conscious effort to start reading more books and get my head out of my phone and laptop and I absolutely love it. The one thing I always struggle with, is picking just one book when I’m looking for something to read, I don’t know about you but I always like a personal recommendation before I read a book so I know I won’t be wasting my time on a snore fest. I won’t lie, the books I read aren’t hard hitting autobiographies or about civil wars, instead they’re usually love stories, thrillers with a twist or anything set in New York! A lot of you seem to like books along these lines too so I decided I would start a monthly “Lady Bear Book Club”, where once a month I share a book review online and hopefully you guys can start reading it too! I’m going to start a #LadyBearBookClub hashtag so you guys can let me know which books you like and share any recommendations with me too!

To celebrate the launch of The Lady Bear Book Club, I’ve teamed up with my favorite Irish bookstore Easons to give away my 5 all-time favorite books to one follower! All you have to do is follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (Michaelabear1) and comment under this Instagram post writing a compliment to your BFF (I did this for my last competition and the amount of love was so uplifting!) I’ve talked about these 5 books on my “currently” series before, but incase you missed it, I’ve shared a little synopsis for each of the ones in the giveaway below!


Luckiest Girl Alive: I think out of all of the books on this list, this one is my favorite! It’s based in New York and is about a woman who works at a fashion magazine. Everything in her life is going wonderfully, she’s at the top of her game in her career and is about to marry a handsome wealthy man but a secret from her past threatens to destroy it all.


The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo: I absolutely adore Amy Schumer, so I was counting down the days until her autobiography was released, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The book is filled with comical stories from her youth and her days before she was famous. There were so many times when I was reading this book on the subway where literally laughed out loud, and I couldn’t recommend it more for putting a smile on your face.


The Husbands Secret: I started reading this book after hearing about it everywhere, and for good reason. The story toggles between three different women who each have their own personal struggles but are connected by a crime that happened many years ago. What starts out seemingly as a romance novel turns into a murder mystery with a very unexpected twist at the end. This one was definitely a page turner that turned me into a huge fan of all Liane Moriarty books.


Love The One You’re With: This romance novel follows a couple, Ellen and Andy though their perfect marriage and happy life together, until Ellen bumps into an old flame and starts to doubt everything about her career and her marriage. Really loved this one because the characters were so relatable and you find yourself hoping that she makes the right decision in the end. Emily Giffin is another one of my favorite authors for an easy read with a gripping story line!


Primates of Park Avenue: I had to read this book after all of the hype it got last year! It’s basically Gossip Girl but for grown ups (literally!) It’s about a woman who moves to the Upper East Side and is clueless about the on-goings of the wealthy Manhattan housewife. She doesn’t know how to dress, how to find the right school for her kids and is shunned by the UES Moms, until she starts to analyse their rituals and uncovers the crazy lifestyle they live. This one is such an eye opening read and a great insight into how the other half live.

I’m so excited to share many great reads in the future with you guys, and I hope you’ll make my day every now and again and share a recommendation with me too. Afterall, a book is a gift that can be opened again and again!


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