Happy Saturday Everyone! I have to say I was counting down the days for the weekend to arrive, for some reason this week in particular went very slow so I’m glad to be enjoying a little downtime today! After work last night, Cathal and I went on a double date to the Bryant Park Christmas Market which was just the thing I needed to get me in the festive spirit! I’m still pinching myself that Thanksgiving is next week! Is it just me, or is this year the fastest one yet?

This Manhattan apartment is absolute GOALS. This site is my go-to for decor inspo.

Speaking of decor, I’m so excited to visit the NYC Holiday House in Soho this week!

All of the Christmas commercials are coming out and I’m tearing up and each and every one! Did you see the Heathrow airport one? I also say this old one on Facebook during the week and when I say it made me cry, I went through about 10 tissues!

Loved this inspiring career talk about how a woman created a successful tech company before she turned 30!

So excited for follow one of my favorite bloggers Hallie on her new blogging journey!

A great tutorial on the app I use to edit all of my iphone photos.

I’m lusting after these heels from River Island after seeing them on Louise’s Snapchat.

Would love to try all of these 15 DIY Faux Marble Decor Projects, if only I had the time!

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