Hi from a very chilled out and relaxed Ireland! Guys, when I say I couldn’t be happier to be home I literally mean it so much. It’s been four days of chilling out on my couch, going for walks along Galway Bay and a whole lot of snapchatting my dogs (go see at michaelabear1 if you don’t believe me!) I’m working from home until Wednesday so at the moment, I’m just hanging out at home being glued to my laptop answering emails and all of that fun stuff but I’m really looking forward to unplugging for a couple of days once I’m finished! Because I work in social media, I feel like my head is glued to the internet 24/7, including weekends so I’m very mindful of trying to take sometime and do a little bit of an internet detox over Christmas weekend! I always look at my time home during Christmas as a chance to recharge and find the energy to tackle another year of New York Hustle!

Speaking of NYC, Edelle and I shot this look right before I headed to the airport last week on what was one of the COLDEST days of the year so far. I mean it when I say that I could not feel my hands or face while we were taking these pics and to top it off, it started snowing right in the middle of our shoot which was such a dream! So happy I got to see a little snowfall before coming home, I’m sure January will bring even more our way.








Photography: Edelle Kenny

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