Happy February First Everyone! SO glad that January is behind us and it’s finally starting to feel like 2017 is in full swing! It’s going to be an extremely busy month ahead beginning next week with Fashion Week! Honestly, it’s a week filled with excitement and also a little dread because it means an awful lot of long days lie ahead, but hopefully a lot of fun too! The middle of the month will be equally as busy with the big move into my new apartment and hopefully I’ll be rounding out February with a weekend getaway over the Presidents Day holiday!

A couple of weeks ago when I did my reader survey, many of you said that you’d like to see more personal stories about me here on the blog. So this week I wanted to share some very random facts that you might not know about me in hopes that you might get a kick out of some of them!

Zara Jumpsuit

When I’m older, and probably back in Ireland, I would love to have 2 or 3 therapy dogs that I would bring around to hospitals and nursing homes to bring people some joy when they’re under the weather!

I desperately want to get back into some sort of dancing like ballet or Irish dancing but I think I’m getting a little old for that! I used to be so into it when I was a young one but would love to take a couple of classes just for fun. Also I have no idea why but I’ve been watching Riverdance videos on repeat the past few days!

It’s been my long time dream to come out with a stationary line, from thank you cards, to bridal invitations to planners, I’m just stationary obsessed!

My number one travel destination at the moment is to travel to Exuma in The Bahama’s and swim with the pigs! I think I would just die of happiness.


New York Fashion Blog

As soon as I arrive in a hotel, I have to unpack everything and hang up all of my clothes! There’s something about me that needs to nest wherever I go!

I was the biggest tom boy growing up, I hated wearing dresses and was into every sport imaginable.

I have an obsession with Ketchup. I put it on nearly everything and eat far too much of it.

On that note, I’m a terrible cook (I put it down to laziness to be honest), and eat tomato soup most nights for dinner.

I FaceTime my parents twice a day! TOTALLY realize that is not the norm, but it’s one way to cure my homesickness

Criss Cross

My guilty pleasure is watching trashy reality tv shows like Real Housewives and The Bachelor, it’s insane how much joy they give me!

I started going grey when I was 13, and worse it’s getting!

I got food poisoning on my first date with Cathal, and puked on his car.

I lost the top of my finger in an accident when I was 7, but got it sewn back on again.

I have a big red birth mark on my left eye, some days it’s really noticeable and other days not so much.

My all time favorite movie is Father of the Bride, Steve Martin reminds me so much of my own dad and I think the wedding at the end is the most beautiful wedding of all time.

New York Blogger

Photography: Edelle Kenny

And finally, maybe the most shocking, I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my entire life!

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