Happy St.Patricks Day Eve everyone! St. Patricks Day is always one of those days where I wish more than anything I could be back home enjoying the festivities with friends and family but I will say, celebrating Paddy’s Day in New York brings out a sense of Irish pride like no other! It always amazes me how much the day is celebrated here in the states, there’s always a huge parade on fifth ave and the stores are filled with green cupcakes and “Kiss me I’m Irish cookies!” I’m so incredibly proud to be Irish in every way (I literally scream it from the rooftops anytime I meet someone new!) so I wanted to share a couple of things that I miss the most about Ireland!

The People: Honestly I think it took moving away to make me appreciate how truly wonderful Irish people are. I swear, anytime I hear someone on the streets here with an Irish accent, I have no shame and literally always go up to them and say hi! It might seem strange to say, but I feel like all Irish people have this special connection that brings us together no matter where we are in the world! I miss how genuine and friendly the Irish are and how you’d make small talk with complete strangers in the line at the post office!

The Food: Without a doubt one of the things I miss most about Ireland is the food. There’s so many little things I miss, like being able to buy Cadburys whenever I wanted or hopping to the chipper for a bag of chips drenched in vinegar and don’t even get me started on Pat the baker bread with a slab of Kerrygold butter. It’s the first thing I go for whenever I land home. Not only that, but the food at home is much fresher and you know exactly what ingredients are in everything unlike here, where everything has preservatives.

The Craic: Don’t get me wrong, I love Americans and everything but they’re just missing the craic sometimes! Irish people have a sense of humor that we just get with each other. Living in such a small country, people instantly know what you’re talking about when you crack a Father Ted joke whereas here, all of those jokes fall completely flat! I also miss those occasions where it’s almost like the world just stops and everyone gets together for a good time, like the Galway Races or heading into Salthill on a sunny day and spending the evening down the Quays.

The Countryside and Fresh Air: Two more things that I definitely took for granted when I lived at home! As soon as I land in Shannon airport and step outside, I ALWAYS take in a huge breath of fresh air and it always makes me so happy! More than anything I miss the beautiful Irish countryside. like going for drives in Connemara or down to the Cliffs of Moher, you just don’t see sights like that over here so I appreciate them so much more whenever I go home!

Home: I don’t think it’s news to anyone that home is where my heart is! I’m truly the happiest version of myself when I’m home with my family, friends and dogs so I miss them terribly every day! I’m not sure if I’ve actually told you guys here on the blog yet, but my sister had her baby two weeks ago so I immediately booked a trip home for the last week of May for her Christening and I couldn’t be more excited! Life is so busy these days and time is absolutely flying here so I’m looking forward to a little downtime at home and doing all of my favorite things and seeing my favorite people.

Photo: Cotton Wood Studios

Also, incase you missed it! I posted a brand new video on YouTube yesterday sharing my favorite books, shows and makeup products!

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