Hi everyone! Excited to be back today with the second part of my new blog series, “The Classics” where each week I talk about one item that I either really love having in my wardrobe or one that’s on the top of my wish list! Today I’m going to talk about my go-to everyday handbag that I literally could not live without, the Longchamp Le Pliage Tote.
I was first introduced to this bag about 5 years ago during one of my Summers spent in New York with my friend Jen. She had one and swore that it was the best thing since sliced bread and convinced me that I needed one too, at that time I was interning during the day from 9-4 and waitressing every night from 5-1/2 and basically would be living out of this bag! So off I went to Bloomingdales to buy my first Nylon Le Pliage in a size large and I haven’t looked back since! No word of a lie, the bag has been in my hand ever since! I used it in my final year of college to carry my books and now I use it every single day going to work, without fail!

There’s a couple of reasons I love this bag. Firstly is the sheer amount of shite I can fit in it. Most days I fit my workout clothes, my big makeup bag, my laptop, a book and lunch in it without any problem. I also have the bag in the weekender size and find it great for overnight trips! Secondly the material is weather appropriate, which is important to consider when you live in Ireland where it rains a lot or NYC where it snows a lot in the Winter. The Le Pliage is also available in leather but I get the nylon version just for this purpose. Thirdly the quality is so good and it lasts for ages. Like I said I bought my first one about 5 years ago and used it every day up until this past September when my parents gave me a new one for my birthday! And to be honest, I probably could have got at least another year out of it! And finally, it’s cute and neutral so it works with whatever you’re wearing, especially if you get the black like I do! Incase you can’t tell, I really am such a fan of it and I’m constantly trying to tell everyone around me that they need one in their lives too! One thing to note, the bags are a lot cheaper in Europe because it’s a European brand, so if you have a choice I would definitely purchase one there over here in the States, where they are of course available, just at a little higher price! I’ve listed a couple below for you guys to browse based on whether you live in Europe or here in the States!

US Options



Europe Options

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