Hi Guys! I’m very excited to share something new on Life of a Lady Bear today! Every month I’m going to be sharing book recommendations of books that I read the previous month. If you follow me on snapchat (michaelabear1), you’ll know that I LOVE to share what book I’m reading at any given moment and nothing makes me happier than sharing the best reads that I come across. This months books kind of have a little bit of a thriller/mystery theme, so if you liked popular reads Gone Girl and Girl On The Train then I feel pretty confident you’ll enjoy the below.

 The Couple Next Door: I started reading this book after a friend at work recommended it to me and could easily understand why publishers refer to it as a “one-sit read” because I literally could not put it down. It’s about a couple whose 6-month old baby gets kidnapped from her crib while they’re next door at a dinner party. Questions start to arise like why did the parents leave their child alone in the house and did they have something to do with the disappearance?  There’s two major twists in the plot that keep it interesting and it’s a very easy read, so even if you’re not hugely into reading books you’ll get into this one pretty quickly. Rating: 9/10

All The Missing Girls: This book tells the story of two women that went missing in the same town 10 years apart. The main character Nicolette returns to her home town around the time of the second disappearance and appears to be connected to both cases in surprising ways! Definitely another story with a couple of shocking twists. My only critique about this book is that it’s not the easiest to follow because the timeline jumps quite frequently but apart from that I really enjoyed reading this one. Rating: 8/10

In A Dark Dark Wood: This thriller is about a woman who attends the hen part of an old college friend whom she hasn’t heard from in years. It’s a little slow to start but about half way through the book, a murder takes place and the main character finds herself struggling to remember the events that happened on the night of the crime and at the center of a police investigation.  A lot of people say that they found the main character a little irritating but I personally didn’t see anything wrong with her. Bonus points for this book because Reese Witherspoon just bought the rights to make it into a movie! Written by Ruth Ware who also wrote the popular book The Woman in Cabin 10 which I’m reading right now so keep an eye out next month for my thoughts on that one. Rating: 7/10

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