Happy Monday Everyone! I’m actually very excited to share today’s blog post because it’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, it’s the items I have that I get the most use out of. In a world that’s so commercial and one where everyone is quick to snap up every trend, I find myself thinking about the things that I own that I would be lost without. I think the test of a good purchase is whether or not you would make a repeat purchase, and everything listed below are things that I would definitely buy again. This post might not necessarily be the most be sharing the most “stylish” items in my wardrobe but it definitely is filled with what I think is the most practical, which let’s face it, is equally as important!


My J.Crew Winter Coat: You may know that the past week in NYC has been brutally cold, I’m talking -10 to -15 degrees celsius cold and I cannot tell you how many times I’ve told people that “this coat is the best purchase I’ve ever made.” Not only is it unbelievable warm, but it’s also pretty cute for a winter jacket in my opinion. It’s black with gold buttons, comes above the knee and has a tie around the waist so you it helps define your shape unlike many other baggy winter coats (see in my picture above!) I love this coat so much, that this is actually a repeat purchase. I bought my first one 2 years ago and wore it to death over 2 harsh Winters here in NYC. And I probably could have gotten away with another Winter, but it got a little filthy so I wanted to get a new one. It’s pretty reasonably priced and if you keep an eye out you can usually get an extra 20%-30% off everything on J.Crew during holiday weekends!


Lululemon Under Wunder Hi-Rise Tight: I can safely say that I have tried out so many pairs of work out pants, but I always keep coming back to the Lululemon Under Wunder leggings. I’ve had my pair for over 2 years now and I still wear them at least once a week. I love them for a couple of reasons, firstly they’re super high waisted and suck in all of the food babies that one might have. Secondly, they’re long which is a blessing if you’re tall like me. I can’t stand workout pants above my ankles! Thirdly, they’re super warm so I often will wear them under oversized sweaters to work if it’s really cold out. And finally, they are the best quality. How a pair of sweatpants that I wear and wash every week is still in good condition after 2 whole years is beyond me! So even if you think they’re a little on the pricier side, the cost per wear makes them cheap as chips for me!


Topshop Joni Jeans: I’ve been wearing the Joni jeans from Topshop for years and years and have yet to feel the need to shop for another brand! They’re great for keeping their shape even if you wear them a lot and again, they’re nice and long if you’re on the tall side!


Uniqlo Heat Tech Long Sleeve T-Shirt: If you follow me on snapchat (michaelabear1) then you’ll already know about my love for these shirts. I swear I have an entire drawer in my room just filled with them and wear one every single day under my sweaters or dresses during the winter. The shirt is super thing so it doesn’t add bulk while adding a whole lot of warmth. Uniqlo is actually one of my favorite stores because everything they sell is such good quality for the price that they charge. My sister swears by their down jackets.


Longchamp Le Pliage Tote: I’ve already written an entire post dedicated to my love for this bag, but couldn’t not include it in a list of the things that I wear the most. This bag is such a lifesaver every single day for me! I’m always astounded by how much I can fit in it, how it’s great in sun, rain or snow and how long they last even if you’re using them every day! Couldn’t recommend them more to be honest.


Scout 3- Way Makeup Bag: Speaking of bags, this might be a random addition to this list but it’s a bag I use every single day when I do a workout class in the morning before work. It’s a makeup bag with 3 huge compartments which I love for storing my brushes, palettes and skincare. I love this bag because it fits so much stuff in it without being too bulky and it can be wiped clean or thrown in the washing machine if it gets dirty. Huge fan of these and something I would definitely buy again.


Vera Bradley Throw Blanket: While I’m talking about random things, I can’t not mention the Vera Bradley Throw Blanket because it’s something I use every single day and have done so ever since I moved to NYC. My Mom first gifted me one of these 3 years ago and now I have 4 of them, one for my couch, one for my bed and one at my desk at work. These blankets are so incredibly soft and warm that they genuinely give me such comfort. I usually buy mine at the Vera Bradley outlets where they’re always on sale but there is a couple on sale online at the moment too.

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