Happy Sunday Everyone! Last week was more than hectic at work so I’m enjoying a little downtime this weekend! The weather has been BEYOND freezing over the past couple of weeks here in New York and rumor has it that it’s supposed to get a little warmer today so I could not be more excited! Here’s a couple of things I came across on the internet this week for you guys to have a little browse of!

This was a really interesting video about how different types of birth control affect one girl in so many ways.

After seeing so much hype about Glossier’s new “Solution“, I was about to puchase! But then I hear even better things about the Biologique Recherche p50 and now I’m convinced I need it!

Did you see Saoirse Ronan on Ellen this week? I was in absolute stitches!

LOVED this read about how to be healthier at work! *takes all of the notes.

You guys HAVE to watch U.S gymnast Aly Raisman against Larry Nassar. I was literally screaming “you go girl” at my computer screen when I was watching!

This fact about how much time we spend on social media shocked me!

This is my new favorite Instagram account! If you liked the crown, then you’ll probably love this!

Have a good weekend guys! X

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