Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice weekend. I’m currently in the midst of fashion week madness but happy to find a little time this morning to chill out and regroup! We have a long weekend here in the states next weekend so my main goal for today is to figure out a plan of action for that! I’m really hoping we can go away for the weekend, but as always we’ve left it very last minute! At the moment we’re looking at either Toronto, Charleston, Savannah or maybe Dallas! I’ll keep you guys updated with what we decide, but for the moment, here’s some fun things I loved on the internet this weekend!

I’m really obsessed with ice skating at the Winter Olympics right now! The Canadian pair are by far my favorite with their Moulin Rouge routine!

I was nearly in tears reading this article about how much homeless people love their dogs!

My friend Tara shared a really thought-provoking video about the Repeal the 8th movement back home in Ireland!

Speaking of Ireland, Niamh shared a really honest blog post about her experience moving back home from New York.

This was such a great read about Imposter Syndrome.

I was so delighted to be included in this roundup of Irish girls with the coolest jobs abroad!

I’m really in one of those moods where I want to buy myself a treat, and this J.W Anderson bag is at the top of my list.

I’ve been using Glossier’s Solution now for over two weeks and I really notice a difference in my skin! Highly recommend it!

Have a great week guys!



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