Happy Monday Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! Recently I decided that I wanted to start sharing more off-the-cuff blog posts here on Life of a Lady Bear. Over the past few months I have to admit that I haven’t been feeling fully inspired by blogging and even considered shutting down this little blog of mine because I just felt like the whole industry has kind of morphed into this space where everyone is doing the same stuff day in day out, and I was just feeling over it. Then I took some time to remind myself why I started it to begin with. I don’t know about you but my favorite blogs to follow are people like The Londoner and Damsel in Dior, girls who share their real life adventures and not just outfits and sales roundups (which is totally fine every now and again by the way.) When I look back at some of my first posts on here I realize that they’re actually my favorite to read. Back at the beginning I was just a girl sharing pictures that I took on my crappy iphone while exploring a new city to share my adventures with people back home. Over time I think I lost my way and just started doing what everyone else is doing — working with a photographer to shoot 3/4 outfits in one go and then spread them out over time and recently I’ve come to realize that that type of content isn’t what I excel at. Don’t get me wrong I love getting creative with my photographer friends and shooting beautiful content, but let’s face it I’m not someone who’s constantly shopping online buying whatever I can afford from whatever random fast fashion site to shoot for my blog! So I’ve made a decision to get back to my roots here on the blog and just start sharing real life again. The pictures might not be as fancy, I might look sweaty and have imperfect hair but you know what? Who cares!

This weekend, Cathal and I walked from the Upper East Side, all the way along the Hudson River on the west side down to the High Line! When we first moved to New York, we used to be so good for getting out and about every weekend to see something new. But now that we’re in our fourth year here (really can’t believe that), we’ve gotten into a rut where we usually do the same thing every single weekend. We do a workout class, then the food shopping and then usually end up walking around Central Park for the rest of the day! So yesterday we decided that visiting the High Line and Chelsea would be a nice change. Now that August is nearly here I’m determined to try and do more fun things on the weekends for the rest of Summer. Next weekend, we’re heading to Connecticut with our friends which will be a lovely little break from the city. Then I also want to try and do a sail boat cruise, visit Hoboken and take a day trip to Governors Island sometime before the Summer comes to an end!



Hope you guys have a wonderful week! X

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