Happy Friday Everyone! If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that earlier this month I celebrated my 27th Birthday which means that. according to my Google search, I’m officially in my late 20’s (gulp.) I remember being in my late teens and thinking that 27 was officially “grown up” age where everyone had life figured out, owned a house, was married and maybe even had a kid! Now looking back I was completely crazy to think that lol! Even though sometimes I still feel like I’m 18, there’s definitely a few things that happen once you’re in your mid-late 20s.

You need sleep: I swear to god I don’t know how I ever pulled all-nighters back in college. If I don’t get 8 hours sleep every night now I am literally useless.

Comfort over style: Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about dressing up and feeling cute but I remember being 24 and wearing my 4 inch high chelsea boots all over Manhattan and now I’m like GIVE ME THE SNEAKERS and my feet have never been happier. Also, what was with being young and never wanting to wear a coat? I LIVE for coats now.

Wellness becomes a priority: In the past two years, doing exercise has become so much more to me that just working out for physical reasons. Now my mental health literally depends on it and I will prioritize fitting in a workout class over nearly anything and always feel 150% better afterwards. The same goes for taking time to take care of myself. A sheet mask in the evenings does wonders!

You start to embrace the no makeup makeup look: At the ripe old age of 26, my skin finally got to the stage where I no longer felt the need to put layers and layers of makeup on every day. Now I actually prefer just a little highlighter and blush on my skin most days (although you’ll still never find me without my brows pencilled in, sorry not sorry!)

You love cleaning: I follow a blogger on Instagram who last week was complaining that they were so busy one particular day because they had to clean their house. Honey let me tell you if all I had to do in a particular day was clean my apartment I would be over the moon. I love whipping out my hand held hoover and chasing dust bunnies, nothing makes me feel more productive.

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You become obsessed with sunscreen: You guys should see how many cans of sunscreen I have in my apartment, anything to keep me looking somewhat youthful and not get sunburned!

You value quality: When it comes to my beauty regime, I have to admit that I’ve become a little bit of a snob over the past two years (basically since I started working at Teen Vogue.) I truly believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to fancy skin care products and makeup and as you get older, one thing that I don’t recommend skimping on is your moisturizers. The same thing applies for fashion, even though I still love to shop at Zara from time to time, I think it’s smarter to invest in pieces that you know you’ll have for years.

You’ve lost track on who’s the latest teen music sensation: When I was 14, I swore I would never become that grown up who didn’t know the latest song on the radio or the latest hip young one on the music scene but I have to admit, even though I work at a young publication sometimes I have to google who the cool kids are these days.

A hangover might kill you (or at least feel like it will): I’m not a big drinker at all but the last time I had a hangover it nearly put me off ever drinking again. It was last Thanksgiving (yes, nearly a year ago), I had 3 vodka cranberries the night before to celebrate being finished work for a long weekend and I swear when I woke up the next morning I felt like I was dying. I was so excited to go watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade so I forced myself to hop in the shower thinking that it would revive me, but what in reality I ended up sitting in my shower curled up in a bawl for over two hours wishing the pain away.

You’re relieved when someone cancels plans: Me: “Oh no, that stinks I’m so sorry we can’t hang.” but really “Thank god, I love you but also really love my bed, pj’s and Netflix.”

You crave a different hairstyle: My hair has been the same long and curly style since I was probably 16 but recently I find myself really wanting to chop it up short into a long bob! I really think when I go home for Christmas I’ll take leap and finally do it. But from talking to so many of my friends that are the same age as me, they all feel the same way too!

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If you’re in your late 20’s, can you relate? Send me a snap on IG stories and let me know! X

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