Happy Thursday, everyone! We’re so close to the weekend, I have some serious plans to chill out at home and do a lot of cleaning and maybe even switch out my summer wardrobe for some sweaters and coats. Speaking of home, I recently gave my bedroom a mini-makeover and switched up my bedding. Ever since I was about 18, I’ve had an obsession with bedding. I think I picked it up from my Mom, but nothing makes me happier than having a beautifully made bed (anyone else make theirs first thing in the morning?) In the past I’ve found some really beautiful comforters in TK Maxx. My last blue and white one was a Ralph Lauren one that I adored but because it was a comforter it was really hard to wash. So this time around I decided to invest in a duvet that was a steal on Amazon and recommended to me by a co-worker and a beautiful duvet cover from Pottery Barn during their sale and I just love how it turned out! I’ve linked a couple of others below that I had my eye on when I was searching!

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