Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s a Thanksgiving week here in the States and although I can’t believe it’s already this time of year, I’m so excited to be spending the holiday in the city. For some reason it feels like life has been so busy since September so I’m welcoming a few days off with open arms! A couple of friends from Ireland are coming over to visit so it will be nice to do some of the typical touristy things and hopefully catch the Thanksgiving Day parade and of course, eat a lot of turkey! Besides that, I’m actually very excited for a little Black Friday sale shopping. Even though I know some people are sick to death of hearing about them already, I always take advantage of the reduced prices and stock up on things that I need.

Speaking of shopping, I’m so excited to share today’s post that in partnership with An Post. They have this incredible service called AddressPal.ie that allows people living in Ireland to shop from their favorite American/British brands that wouldn’t typically deliver to Ireland, which is so handy coming up to Cyber Monday and Christmas. In a nutshell, you register on the website and they provide you with a virtual address that you enter online when making your purchase, and then you simply wait until the package arrives at your desired destination. One thing to note is that there’s always a possibility that you could be charged customs fees, so keep that in mind also. I honestly think this is such a brilliant idea, and something I know that I’ll use so much whenever I go home because I couldn’t imagine not being able to shop at some of my favorite U.S. brands! Here’s a peak at some of them:


If I won the lottery I would literally buy myself an entire new wardrobe from Reformation! They have the best selection of dresses, and are environmentally friendly too which is a great bonus.


Anthro is without a doubt one of my favorite stores to look for nice little treats like candles,  plates and other cute home decor nik naks

J. Crew

The best place to get a good winter coat and reasonable cashmere sweaters in my opinion.


Everyone and their uncle is obsessed with Glossier over here, and for good reason! They’re products are incredible and pretty reasonably priced!


Who can resist stocking up on some beauty faves at Sephora, literally a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need.

Happy Shopping, everyone!

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