Happy Hump Day Everyone! I hope your week is going wonderfully, mine has been woefully busy but it’s a good complaint to have! I’m trying to finish up everything at work before my vacation home next week as well as trying to enjoy the amazing weather that NYC has been having over the past couple … Continue Reading


Good Morning Everyone! I had the nicest few days over the weekend and couldn’t be feeling more ready for the week ahead after taking some time to myself. Yesterday Cathal and I went on a little adventure to Upstate New York where we found the most beautiful hiking path in a place call Mohonk Preserve. I … Continue Reading


Hi Guys! I hope your week has been wonderful. I woke up this morning and genuinely have never felt happier to see a Friday come around. After the storm that was the Met Gala on Monday, the remainder of the week seemed to go very slow for some reason! Luckily this is a complaint that … Continue Reading


Happy Monday Everyone! Spring is in full swing here in New York! I’ve always said that Autumn is my favorite season here in the city, but I’m starting to think that Spring is even better! Every morning when I walk through Central Park or down Park Avenue on my way to work, I’m surrounded by … Continue Reading