Old School Blogging

Happy Monday Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! Recently I decided that I wanted to start sharing more off-the-cuff blog posts here on Life of a Lady Bear. Over the past few months I have to admit that I haven’t been feeling fully inspired by blogging and even considered shutting down this little … Continue Reading


Happy Friday Everyone! It’s a holiday weekend here in the states which is such a treat considering that they are so few of them throughout the year. Usually Cathal and I head away when there’s a long weekend but considering that we’ll be back in Ireland for a trip next month, we decided to take it … Continue Reading


Happy Thursday Everyone! What a week it’s been! Last year I got to attend the Met Gala for the very first time and it was literally what I referred to as a once in a lifetime opportunity. So when I found out I was going with work again I was over the moon. I didn’t … Continue Reading


Happy Friday Everyone! It’s been 4 days since I got back to NYC after an amazing weekend in Palm Springs for Coachella and I STILL feel like I’m recovering! Honestly one of the most incredible weekends but at the same time one that took every ounce of energy out of me!  I’ve always loved music … Continue Reading