Did you guys know that October is my favouritest month of all? I could not be more excited to spend my first Fall here in New York. It’s amazing what a difference just a couple of weeks can make, the weather has definitely cooled down and the trees in Central Park are starting to turn. … Continue Reading


Happy Friday Everyone! I’m far too excited for this weekend, my friends and I have rented a car and we’re going on a last minute road trip to Pennsylvania to see the Amish Country! We’re also thinking we might make a pitstop in Philadelphia which would be amazing also. I always look forward to day … Continue Reading


Aloha from a very rainy New York City. As most of you probably know, I arrived here in the city last Thursday after some tearful last few days at home. I was quite lucky that I had an apartment ready to move into the night I arrived and thankfully it’s pretty great. I’m in a … Continue Reading


Aloha guys! I hope you will excuse the quietness on Life of a Lady Bear over the past two weeks! All I’ve been doing for the past 2 months is studying and sitting exams which are now officially over as of yesterday. Big celebratory woop! Its actually crazy how fast the past year has gone. … Continue Reading