Happy Monday Everyone! As many of you may know, IĀ returned back to NYC last week after a wonderful little vacation back home to Ireland! This trip was extra special because it was my first time meeting my brand new niece, Charlotte! Honestly, I’ve never been around babies before so I wasn’t sure how I would … Continue Reading


Hi Everyone! I hope your week is going well and moving along swiftly! I don’t know about you but recently I’ve been seeing so many conversations with regards to the whole Instagram Stories Vs Snapchat debacle and which one is better! Working full time in social media means that things like this are always at … Continue Reading


Happy Thursday Everyone! Please excuse my quietness on the blog this week, work life has literally been busier than everĀ and it was a little bit of a challenging week trying to juggle everything! BUT I’m SO friggin excited to share today’s blog post and new video on my YouTube about my bedroom in my apartment … Continue Reading


Happy Tuesday Loves! I sat down to write this blog post Sunday night and felt a complete sense of writers block! Recently I’ve been trying to incorporate a meaning or a message or some helpful advice from my experience into each blog post but for some reason nothing was coming to me on Sunday, which … Continue Reading