Old School Blogging

Happy Monday Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! Recently I decided that I wanted to start sharing more off-the-cuff blog posts here on Life of a Lady Bear. Over the past few months I have to admit that I haven’t been feeling fully inspired by blogging and even considered shutting down this little … Continue Reading


Happy Thursday Everyone! I can hardly believe it but this week marks 3 years since I first moved to NYC! If you’re a long time reader of mine, you guys will know how I’ve always been very honestly about sharing the highs and lows of my New York adventure. From the struggles of settling in when I first … Continue Reading


Happy Hump Day Everyone! I hope your week is going wonderfully, mine has been woefully busy but it’s a good complaint to have! I’m trying to finish up everything at work before my vacation home next week as well as trying to enjoy the amazing weather that NYC has been having over the past couple … Continue Reading


Happy Tuesday Everyone! This past weekend was an extra special one for St. Patricks Day! I can’t even begin to describe the sense of Irish pride I felt all weekend seeing the city filled with tricolor flags and people in green t-shirts. There seemed to be a huge amount of Irish people visiting the city … Continue Reading